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Happy Halloween!

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Numbers, Numbers, Numbers!

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In 1C this week we have been working very hard making our own number lines with numicon and base ten. We have put all that learning into practise and we have made our own number lines up to 20. we are now able to count to 20 forwards and backwards!



The day 1C became MONSTERS!

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In literacy we have been reading the story of Not Now Bernard! We have discussed the features of a monster and put ourselves in the claws of monsters in a drama lesson. Next week we will be writting our own stories about monsters that come to Devonshire. We wonder what they will get up to!

Physical Education!

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pe control

With Mr Hibberd this week we have been learning different styles of rolling and how to roll accurately to hit a target!

We have been learning 2D shapes!

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Last week, we learnt about all about fruit! We made fruit faces like the artist Archimboldo, we created a list of fruits which we would need to make a fruit salad for a friend. On Friday, we were able to prepare the fruit by peeling and chopping the fruit into smaller pieces. Then, we tasted the fruit and chose our favourite fruits to make a lovely fruit salad, which we all really enjoyed!


You’ve got a friend in me!

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Now that Kevin has settled in we have had lots of opportunity to see him up close and find out what he likes and dislikes. We have found out he like carrots, apples and kiwis, we have also found out he likes to run through his tube and sprint round his wheel. Kevin really enjoys his purple house and has plenty of naps throughout the day, snuggled up in there. We have also learnt, he is does not like banana and loud noise. He does not like people waking him from his naps and fast movements. The children this week have learnt that they need to be extra careful and quiet around Kevins house. Kevin has had a lovely clean out this week, they children have learnt the importance of keeping him and his house clean, and giving him fresh food and water. Well done 1C your doing a fabulous job of looking after Kevin.

Thankyou to all the grown ups for sending in pieces of fruit for Kevin he is thoroughly enjoying them! kevin-ball


Kevin loves his new ball, it gives the children a chance to look at Kevin up close, as well as allowing Kevin to look at the children up close too!kevin-in-log


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This weeks focus in maths is MEASUREMENT, we are looking at how tall and short objects around school are and we will be measuring how tall we are. We will also be looking at the different weights of items in our classroom.

Here is a collage of us working hard and building tall and short towers.

A New Arrival..

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This week we have had a new arrival in our classroom, he is very small and very fluffy, and he is called Kevin.

Kevin is now a member of 1C and will be here to help us with our learning and develop the childrens responsibilties in class.



Roald Dahl Day

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Yesterday was 100 years of Roald Dahl!

In 1C we had some FABULOUS props brought in relating to the many books he has written.

We enjoyed listening to the story James and the Giant Peach and we were able to try some peach too!

We used our senses to talk about what a peach looked, smelt, felt and taste like.


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